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Frequently Asked Questions

DASH Photography are proud to offer photographs with your favorite celebrity guests at conventions. We also offer digital copies of every celebrity photo-op we have produced. Please follow the instructions below for details about purchasing and redeeming your photo ops and for information about how to search for and retrieve your digital copy or a reprint.


Photo Ops Do's and Dont's:

  • Do arrive at the Photo Op Check-In 15 minutes before your session.
  • Don’t be late! You may miss your session, and no refunds will be given.
  • Do print on paper your QR code before attending the event.
  • Don’t be nervous! Photo Ops can go by quickly, and now’s your chance to quickly say, “Hi! Love you, love your work!”
  • Do be respectful toward our celebrity guests. Inappropriate or rude behavior will not be tolerated.
  • Don’t bring gifts for the celebrities.
  • Do represent your fandom! Cosplay and sharp dressing is welcome.
  • Do bring props to your Photo Op!
  • Don’t ask for autographs in the Photo Op Area.
  • Selfies with guests are not permitted.
  • Do be patient and follow directions given by Photo staff and volunteers.
  • Do share your Photo Op on social media and tag us!
  • Don’t forget to smile!

Please note:

All celebrity appearances and schedules are all subject to change or cancellation. DASH Photography are not responsible for any changes or cancellations.

All Photo Op Sessions are subject to change.

DASH Photography are proud to offer photographs with your favorite celebrity guests at conventions, check out these FAQs to get familiar with the process!

The Basics

Tickets Purchased Online

You may redeem tickets at any time during show hours on the day specified on your ticket. Simply present your ticket, printed or on mobile, to be scanned. If you are concerned that you won’t be able to pull up your ticket on your mobile device please print it as a backup.

Photo Op Schedule

Please refer to the convention schedule for guest photo op schedules. Be sure to recheck the photo op schedule prior to your departure to the show. The schedule is subject to change without notice. If you miss an op, you will not receive a refund.

Four Fans Per Ticket

Four fans of any age may be in the same photo using one ticket. If there are between 5 and 8 of you, then you would have to purchase and redeem 2 photo op tickets for one photo together.

Photo Op Lines

Lines for each photo op not open until 15 minutes before the scheduled time for that particular photo op. Please do not try to get in or form any lines that are not yet officially available. Lining up more than 15 minutes prior to your photo op will result in security asking you to leave the area until it is time for your photo op. Unofficial or fan created lines will not be honored when official lines are created within the photo op queue area.

Photo Op Room

A. Please have your tickets out and ready. If you are using a mobile device make sure it is on and the screen is bright before you get to the ticket scanner.
B. There is a table inside the booth to place your items on. Please have any backpacks, purses, bags, lanyards, etc off and ready to place on the table inside the room prior to entering the room.
C. Absolutely no autographs are allowed in the photo op room.
D. Due to safety concerns please do not bring strollers inside the photo op room.
E. Absolutely no personal recording devices are allowed in the photo op room. Use of any personal still image or video recording device will result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund.

Be respectful of the Celebrity Guests

Keep hands above the waist. Always ask before touching someone. Absolutely no kissing. Please pay attention for special restrictions a particular guest may have. Any inappropriate behavior may result in the forfeit of your photo op without refund.


Glasses will often glare, if you do not mind removing them, we suggest you do. Glasses also make it nearly impossible for the photographer to verify if you blinked or not.

After Your Photo Op

Once you exit the photo op area, proceed to the print pick-up area. Your print should be available within about one minute.

Digital Downloads

    Your digital image will be emailed to you within 7 days after your photo op.
    Purchase a digital photo add-on at the photo sales desk. Your digital download ticket must be redeemed at the photo sales desk after you have picked up your 8×10 print. You will be required to provide the digital download ticket and the ticket number associated with the 8×10 print that you purchased.
    Visit our website to purchase your digital download. You may need to provide the date and location of the event, the digital download ticket number and the ticket number associated with the 8×10 print that you purchased.

Additional Prints

If you have purchased additional prints visit the photo sales desk after you have received your 8×10 print. You will need to provide the ticket for your additional print and for your original print. If you fail to redeem your additional print/s at the event, we cannot provide you with your additional print at a later date and your ticket will be forfeited.

Additional FAQs

If I purchase a VIP ticket that includes a photo op, can a non-VIP ticket holder take a photo with me?

Yes, a maximum of 4 attendees may be in a single photo with a single ticket.

I don’t like how I look in my photo. Can I get it retaken?

Re-takes will only be offered if your eyes are closed in the picture or there is a misprint of your photo. The photographer will try to catch things like closed eyes before you leave the photo op booth. If we do miss catching your closed eyes please let us know immediately on picking up your photo so we can get you back into the booth before the talent leaves. Once the talent has left the photo area, they will not return for retakes and there will be no refunds. So please check your photo carefully before leaving the photo pick-up area.

Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given for missed ops or buyer’s remorse. The exception is in the event of a guest cancellation. It is your responsibility to double check the schedule prior to and at the event for changes.

Will photo op tickets be available for purchase at the convention?

If photo ops do not sell out in advance they may be available for purchase at the event. Please check at the photo sales desk for availability. Digital downloads and reprints will be available at the convention.

Can I get an autograph from the celebrity?

No, this is a photo op only. Autographs will be available at the celebrities discretion and cost at their table. Be advised, if you ask for an autograph you will be removed from the photo op area without a refund.

How much time will I get with the guest?

A photo op is not a meet & greet and should not be viewed as such. Out of fairness to everyone, conversation with the talent, aside from a quick hello, is discouraged. The autograph area or a meet and greet is a better place to have a longer conversation.

Where do I go for my photo op?

There will be a photo op booth located inside the convention. Our staff will guide you to the location. Please arrive prior to your photo op start time. Be sure to bring a printed ticket or have your ticket pulled up on a mobile device ready to be scanned.

Am I able to give gifts to the celebrities?

Due to security considerations and guest concerns we do not allow you to give gifts to guests at the photo op area.

What if I’m unable to make my scheduled photo op time? Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately no refunds are available. If you know that you will need to miss your photo op or are unable to make your scheduled time, you are able to transfer your ticket to someone else or choose another photo op. Please note, this is only available BEFORE your scheduled photo op. If you miss the photo op due to being late, there are no refunds. Please visit the photo sales desk BEFORE your scheduled photo op to make an alternative arrangement.

You can also email before the event to request changes. Please provide your order number and which photo op you would like to change to. If there is a difference in cost you will be prompted to pay the difference.

When will I receive my photo?

Photos are available typically within a minute or two of your photo op. In the event of technical difficulties, please allow additional time for your photo to be ready. If there are any delays we will announce when photos are ready for pickup.

How many copies of my photo do I get?

Included in your purchase is one (1) 8×10 photo. You are able to purchase extra copies at a cost of $10 each. These can be purchased in advance online or at the photo sales desk at the event. Additional printed copies are not available after the close of an event, however digital copies may be available for download.

What am I paying for?

A purchase of a celebrity photo op gives you one (1) 8×10 photo of yourself with the celebrity. Please keep in mind that you are not purchasing a “conversation” with the celebrity. We must keep the lines moving to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have a photo taken and so that guests are able to be on time to panels, their other commitments and may even need to rush to catch a plane. The total photo op generally lasts less than 15 seconds.

Do I receive my ticket in the mail or via email? What proof do I need to bring to the event to show that I’ve paid for my photo op?

If you purchase your ticket online you will receive an email confirmation. A PDF file is attached to the email confirmation and there will be a barcode or QR code on the PDF. You can present a printed copy of the ticket or present the ticket on a mobile device. If you choose to show the ticket on your mobile device please be sure that you can access the ticket and that the brightness is set to high. If you are concerned that your phone battery might die or that you’ll have any signal issues please consider bringing a printed copy of your ticket. If we can’t scan your ticket you will not be able to do your photo op.